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Hello all,

I have an out of state family member that bought a Sony KDL46V2500 about 6 years ago.

Been working fine until yesterday.

He was watching TV and then looked away for a couple minutes, when he looked back there was no video but still had sound. Tried different inputs - DVD Player, etc, but still no video.

I had him unplug the power from the TV for about 5 minutes and then try it again. Same result.

Had him try to go to the menu but It will not display. Also, it sounds like the TV is completely black. No backlight.

Power light is green and steady - not blinking.

The boards for this model are not too expensive, I'm just not completely sure which one to purchase and send to him to replace. I downloaded the service manual for this model but it's about useless for troubleshooting.

Anyone have a good idea on which board this should be?

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