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Several posts go back up to 2 years including my self posting about lines and dark areas forming on the screens of these units. Posts generally got no replies. I could not find any info on it then my unit straightened out mysteriously and worked (mostly) up until now, and both issues have resurfaced with a vengeance. Sometimes with 2 or 3 lined across the screen replicating images from the other sections and sometimes with dark unviewable areas coming and going.

I found more info this time about these screen issues. Apparently SONY recalled over a million of these units and gave folks a replacement or 50% of another TV as they had a panel bonding breakdown. Since this was just before my initial problem I have no clue how i could not turn something up on it. Only those calling them between a short window of dates ending in 2012 (if I recall right) were helped. Apparently if a TV goes over 3 years SONY thinks the customer was served.

My unit is 5 years old now and there are probably others seeing this problem surface on their units for this first time or reappear as mine did so this post may help you at least know what is going on if your unit is affected and you search here.

I initially lived with it by keeping the set tuned on all the time and just turned off the satellite box, and it worked better before becoming unwatchable. Now the problem is back with a vengeance though it will still have a few OK moments. I imagine what's happening is things expand as the unit warms up and connections are better as a generality. But it always reverts randomly to the lines or dark areas for a time while your watching. When its initially turned on vertical lines can completely obstruct the screen for 5min to a half hour before a pictures or it will have lines going horizontally across the screen forming 3 or so duplicating sections.

It is likely not your T-Con board, but this old recall panel bonding problem if you have this problem. I've lost 2 over/near $2000 sets now after just 2 and 5 years and will never spend over $1000 anymore and never on a Sony. Should have learned after the first time.
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