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Sony KDL46Z4100 Ethernet Port

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I have concern that the port on my new tv is not working. My tv is less than 3 weeks old and so I am still working on learning it. I attempted today to connect my router to the ethernet port and do a software update that is listed on the Sony support site. When I tried to make the connection I got an error that said the connection could not be made. The cable is new. The router is DHCP enabled (vice being static) so it should update automatically. No luck. I even inputed the information manually. No luck. I contacted Sony support via chat only to be sent to the phone to talk to a technician whose solution was for me to buy the Sony internet box they are selling for 200 dollars....spoke to a supervisor who informed me that the software update server is not even working....has anyone had any success in using the ethernet port?
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Yes, I have connected to my network. I have set up Media Player 11 on my PC for sharing and can view photos from it on my 46Z4100. I tried the software update, but it said that there is no update available.
Thanks for the reply....I am still in the computer stone age. What version of the firmware do you have on your tv?
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