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Sony KDL52XBR4 no stickers = used?

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I just bought a brand new Sony 52" LCD, KDL52XBR4 TV. But I noticed that the TV does not have any stickers on it. For example the HD TV sticker, or the sticker in the lower left that shows all the features of the TV is not there as well.

Should these be there on a new TV? Does this mean the TV was used? Can you tell me for sure, as I didn't see any other signs it was used.

Thanks for your help,

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Where did you buy it at? Perhaps it was an open box buy. It should have stickers on it. If it doesn't, that's pretty much a tell tale sign that it's been previously purchased and returned. If you bought it at full price, then i'd be upset. If you got a discount on it, then that's probably why. If the tv is fine and experiences no issues, i wouldn't worry about it. But i would still be upset for being sold a preowned set without being notified.
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I bought it at Fry's in Southern California for $3000, it was on sale but no other discount was noted. isn't it illegal to sell something used as new?

It was a pain to get home and get all set up. It is working great. I would hate to have to return it... What should I do?
Are you sure it didn't say it was an open box or something similar to that?
There was a discussion in the W3000 series thread about missing stickers on newly purchased tvs awhile back. I believe the consensus was that any TV that was made from Nov 07 onward didn't have the FullHD and features stickers but instead had an energy star sticker. Maybe there is information in that thread to help you out.
Taurus, they did not say it was open box or used or any wording similar.

But I think Aird has the answer, thanks. From searching that thread I do see mention of people talking about the stickers, energy star, and the manufacture date, although I didn't find a message that spelled it out yet. But it does seem like you either get the Energy Star sticker or the other two, but not both.

I bet they got rid of the features and HD stickers to cut down on costs.
I'm glad you found the answer. Regardless if you hadn't, if the TV is working properly and you got a good deal on it, then i'd just keep it. It's still covered by the 12 month warranty so you're good to go either way. I just bought an open-box tv online this past Wednesday and it arrives today. YAY! It's a 46XBR4 i got for the lowest price i'd ever seen on that set.
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I bought the same tv a week ago from best buy, its got the energy star sticker and nothing else.
I will have to verify mine has the Energy Star sticker, but I think I remember seeing it. So I guess that is a good sign as it means I got a new set, and not a old one.
I received my new 46XBR5 from Sony about two weeks ago and it has the energy star sticker on the bottom left and a manufacture date of Nov 2007. I was beginning to worry that I got a returned/refurbished unit because of the missing FullHD and features stickers but after reading this thread and the W3000 thread I guess I did receive a new TV. Can anyone else confirm this new practice by Sony? Thanks
I can confirm it too...I bought my 46XBR4 from PC Richards here in NY 2 weeks ago and the only sticker on it was an Energy Star sticker.
I verified mine has only the Energy Star sticker on the front. And the sticker is on the lower right, perhaps on the lower right since it is the 52 inch version. OK, I am satisfied it is new, and glad this thread is helping others.
Just received my Sony 46 XBR5 only sticker is Energy Star lower right hand corner. There was a self stick plastic saran wrap material covering the piano black frame, white cover on tv when i opened the box, the owners manual was in a plastic wrap sealed and inside the styrofoam slot, the remote was also in a plastic seal inside another styrofoam slot, two black straps on outside of box before opening. Back of tv has manufactured date of May 2008. Very sure it is new, the only doubt it was slightly not was that other sonys have the tv's features sticker on the outside front frame. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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