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I recently had the good fortune of my wife letting my spend more than I should on a new TV, and we decided on the Sony KDL55HX750. It's a great looking TV, but I keep second guessing myself on whether we should have gotten the Samsung UN55ES7100 for the same price. I can still take the Sony back and swap it for the Samsung, but I'm trying to get a concrete reason why. There are few comparisons of these 2 TVs out there, so I'm not sure that I even have anything to worry about.

We use the TV mainly for movies and gaming. In no particular order, these are my major concerns between the 2 sets:

- HX750 lacks true local dimming

- HX750 lacks bluetooth 3D glasses sync (is this the direction all 3D TVs are going?)

- I was told that the HX750 has a better video processor than the ES7100

- The ES7100 seemed overly bright to my wife, whereas she loved the picture on the HX750

I have seen people on these forums lean towards the ES7100, but none of these discussions really back up the claims with a reason why. Is it just the black levels (which look great on the HX750 to me)? Or is there some other reason? Also, how are Sony and Samsung doing these days on reliability?

I would appreciate some opinions and guidance, because I'm not going to get another shot at a new TV for years.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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