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Hi guys and fellow TV gurus, I'm looking at purchasing a new screen for my home theatre and after doing my research, i've decided that the 2 top choices are the sony KDL55HX800 or the panasonic THP50VT20A.

Various comparisons were made but i still cannot decide between them.

1) Sony comes with free PS3, 3D transmitter, GT5 game and 2 pairs of 3D specs for a total street value of about $1000?

2) Panasonic comes with free home theater set worth $1348

3) Sony is 5" bigger

4) Sony is about $840 more costly on the average

5) So how does LED backlit compare to Plasma these days?

6) Does the sony/panasonic TV come with 3D specs by default or i have to purchase them separately ?

Please let me know your comments or any thing else i should know of before i make a purchase.. Thanks guys!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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