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I was about to pull the trigger on a KDL65W950B until I read a couple of reviews complaining about black levels. This has me a bit hesitant.

I should start by saying that I'm not very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of TVs. I know what looks good to me when I see it and that's about it.

Ultimately I'm looking for a 65 or 70 inch set that is in the $2000 area. This one seemed to fit the bill well and I am a happy owner of several Sony products.

Should I be concerned about the complaints about black levels? From what I've read this is only a concern when watching TV in a dark room? We live in a condo where at night we have minimal light in the room.

Any comments or suggestions for a TV set that you would suggest over this one would be great


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The W950B has an IPS panel and it has considerably worse black levels and contrast ratio than other Sony models.

It also got the lowest score for dark room viewing.

I'd pick something else for dark room viewing, preferably with a VA panel which has much better black levels and contrast ratio ;)


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