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I was wondering if someone like Mr. Bob may be able to answer some questions I have about my 2003 vintage Sony KDP-65XBR2 CRT RPTV. I am in the process of making an entry level HTPC to give me access to more media in my system (and possibly adding blueray to the mix), and was starting to think that my component connections were starting to make my machine a dinosaur. The CRT RPTV thread gives me new hope that my TV really does have some advantages over the newer technologies, which is comforting given the fact that I built this TV into an extensive, custom designed entertainment center!

As hard as I've looked, I'm unclear to me as to what the native resolution is on this TV. I only know that the component inputs claim to only accept 480i/480p/720p/1080i from the source. From what I understand, I will want to be inputting the TV native resolution out of my HTPC, although I'm, not 100% sure why this is important. In general, I have found that OTA source material of known 720p resolution seems "cleaner" than 1080i source material to me, but I always somewhat assumed that this was due to bandwidth/compression limitations of broadcast material. Since I will now technically have a means to provide uncompressed material at the resolution of my choice, I'm not sure what will be the proper approach. Most of the info I find seems specific to the newer stuff, so I was wondering if the CRT experts could help me out here.
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