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My Sony SXRD KDS-50A2000 has been great for 3 years till this morning when 45 minutes after i turned it on the picture went off then came back in about a minute. Now it constantly doing so in 5 minute cycles. The sound is is fine even when the picture is off. The green indicator light remains steady during all this and there have been no warning indicators that my bulb needs replacement. The picture still looks great when it comes back on. Since i figured it was overheating i cleaned all the vents out and removed the bulb itself and carefully cleaned the dust build-up around the bulb casing. Admittedly it was pretty dirty and clogged with dust. I put it back in place and turned the set on and it was Okay for about half an hour, then started doing the same thing again.

Anyone know if this is a lamp going bad issue? As i said, the set is supposed to tell me if the lamp life is ending soon, and the picture quality is supposed to get darker. None of this has happened.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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