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Sony KDS-50A3000 vs. KDL-46V3000

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I have spent quite a bit of time researching both of these TV's. After getting a pretty good deal on the 46V3000, I am wondering if the 50A3000 would have been a better choice. I still have time to return the 46V3000, and can get the 50A3000 for a pretty good price. From what I have read in both of the official owners threads, and experienced with the 46V3000, it looks like the 50A3000 would be a better TV for what I would use it for.

Most of the time spent on the TV would be for gaming. The 46V3000 has motion blur issues, which is just not acceptable for games. The slight problem with the 50A3000 is viewing angles, which may be a bit of a problem, given the layout of my living room. Its a small sacrifice for what sounds like a fantastic TV overall.

I would really appreciate if you guys could give me your opinions as to which TV is better.

Edit: I will be sitting about 6-7 feet away from the TV, if that makes any difference.
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