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Hello everyone!

I have been reading these forums for about half a year and finally decided to make an account in which I could contribute something back to the community here with either troubleshooting or supplying some answers from my past and current experiences repairing TV's.

I don't want to make a TLDR (too long don't read) thread but in this case I may as I prefer to provide as much information in my OP as I can to cut-to-the-chase instead of wasting your time asking me "how many times does the red light blink?"

Anyway, onwards with the issue at hand.

I was given this TV from someone who was going to throw it away at our local town waste facility. I find it disappointing that the wealthy folks just throw out stuff when they buy something to replace it but alas... it works out for me most of the time and to be honest, I like repairing pretty much anything.

So to my issue. I got this TV from a guy who told me the picture while watching "black and white" movies was green so he decided to buy a new TV. So I get it back to my home and plug it into my HD Receiver via HDMI cable and it is all green. Everywhere, huge green splotches. Other than that it worked fine.

During the research phase of this project I found the 800 page thread about this TV and other models of it that have been recalled due to a poor design of the optical box. Naturally, I thought I had been screwed to a point where attempting to repair the issue would cost money (which is why I choose to repair them instead). Most of the time its a bunch of bad capacitors or a bad resister, relay etc but this time it was a optical box that was designed with poor materials which progressively decayed over time (hours) that you watched it.

I found a PDF of two versions of the manual online which was easy to access and provided a lot of information as to potential issues. Since the TV worked except for the color being mostly green I went eventually found a link to someone who made a fairly robust thread about the optical box, how it worked, why it was a bad design, what Sony should have done about it and how they should have used a different type of material / glass instead of cheap plastic which would distort / burn over time due to heat from the lamp.

Against all odds, I took the TV apart and took some pictures of the process. Once I got to the optical box, I opened it up (which I know) is shunned upon. Dust and fingerprints can create hot spots and a further distorted pictures / spots on the screen.

After experimenting and looking at how each filter, filtered out different spectrum's of light (and after researching optics at great lengths) I figured out how to reverse this issue and bring it back to a "like new" state without purchasing a new optical box.

For my own sanity (and yours) I spent about 90 + man hours working on it I will not directly reveal the process I used to fix the box as it would be complicated and time consuming for everyone who wants to know.

So after a long complicated and frustrating process I managed to get the picture back to shelf quality without purchasing anything. I did not buy a new optical box, I did not buy new filters etc. After tweaking some things in the service mode (ex. RGB color convergence) I got it pretty spot on.

After awhile I noticed a speck of dust in the top right hand corner - almost off the screen. I figured why not, I have taken apart the TV over 30 times fully why not just take a cleaning cloth and get it off? After all it was bothering me as I spent so much time fixing it and tweaking it.

So I took it apart one last time. I saw the speck of dust and got it off. Put it back together (flawlessly) and when I went to turn it on again it started flashing 6x red lights. Bah.

After researching the problem, it appears its a (Low B+) issue. So I checked the thermostat, was at 5ohms just like it was supposed to. I checked the voltage of CN6502 aka pin31 on the G board before shutdown it was at 4.8v. After going down the flowchart I chcked the voltage at CN502 aka pins 9-15 and pin 6 on the G board and they were 11v and 5v.

After more boring troubleshooting I found nothing wrong. It just flashes 6x red lights.

I went to radio shack today and picked up a thermal fuse which Sony started sending out due to a SB issue. So I replaced that, and it still does flashes 6x.

I am upset with myself as I fixed this TV and it was working WONDERFULLY but stupid me screwed something up.

I am asking for your help as I don't really know what to check now. I looked at every board, took it all apart, checked connections solder joints (fixed some) and no matter what I do it continues to flash 6x red lights.

I looked online to try and find a way to bypass the protection mode but came up short with no solution. The only one I found was to replace the entire board which costs $300+ which I don't really have to throw around.

Everything can be fixed. Capacitors, resistors, relays etc etc can be replaced as needed which is pennies on the dollar to replace compared to buying a whole new component. Not to mention, even if I buy a new optical box, a new board, lamp etc the problem (may) still happen where a blob of a random color comes back.

Below is a link to an imageshack gallery of some pictures from my repair, some of the picture quality before hand, some of the optical box which may help those of you who have no fear to just "have at it" like I do. I don't really recommend opening up this box as there are 12 + filters, glass panes, and 3x LCD lenses, multiple prisms, and a projection piece that can get damaged. If you really want to go ahead but if you don't like taking a chance I wouldn't bother as if you scratch one of these panes you are better off throwing that optical box out and buying a new one. Just be careful is all I am saying.


There are 17 images. Most of them are labeled and I hope you see the ones that show a normal looking picture can be determined as when I fixed it.

If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to reply. I know this is a TLDR but it gives a solid background on what I have done so far. This thread I am making is technical and I am sorry for making it so.

Thank you for your time to read this guys!


Smokey Turtle

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Here is a quick update on my progress with the 6x red light on the KDS-R60XBR1 Sony TV.

I wouldn't really call it "progress" as nothing has really changed other than the amount of time I have spent on it so far which has been an additional 20+ hours.

What I have done so far is isolated the issue down to a small portion on the ASU Board (IC2103) which supplies the +5V to the G-board (main power board).

At this point it seems that the connection between the two boards (G-Board and the main ASU Board) has been compromised in some fashion. I have looked at the physical connection as well as the solder connections and fixed a few potential cracks knowing it would not repair the problem. I have to research more into this issue and track the Low B+ to the microprocessor goes to find a possible answer.

At this point in time, it would probably be better if the ASU board was replaced, however since there is a "hard" connection via a socket to the G-Board and to the DSU-Board it would be more appropriate to replace all 3 or at least the G and the ASU as the tinkering factor is now at hand.

If anyone has anything to add or anything I have missed or should check please let me know. Also, if you know of any successful Low+B / 6x Red Light repairs a link or a generic description of how / what was done would be priceless.

Thank you for your help!


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Quick update...

Since no one has responded to this thread I am just going to let it die.
I spent quite a lot of man hours on it and it is a shame that I am going to throw it out. I am going to save some parts from it for possible later projects.

Thank you for taking the time to read the thread if you did.

Smokey Turtle
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