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Sony KDSR-50XBR1 Lamp Replacement: Phillips or Osram

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Hey everyone. My lamp just blew and I need to replace. After reading a bunch of thread to find different sources to order from I still have one question. How do the cheaper OSRAM replacements compare to the Phillips?

I recently had my OB replaced and the service rep said to beware of any Lamps that aren't from Sony (could be a sales ploy to buy theirs for $250). I thought that the Sony's use Phillips bulbs. Anyway, River Valley has OSRAM's on their ebay store right now for $89 with housing... seems like a steal but just not sure if there is a visible difference between the two when it comes to the picture.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Hello , the difference between the Osram and the Philips would be that the Philips lamp last you longer than the Osram , normally the Osram lamps last up to 4000 hours, and the Philips 8000 hours. but the oem replacement would be by Philips.
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Thanks, that's a big help. The original bulb only lasted around 6000 hrs. So you don't think there will be any differences in picture quality/brightness?
Normally for these bulbs the philips are much greater in brightness and quality.
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