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Hi Everyone,

I have 2 Sony HDTV's. One is a KF-60WE610, and the other is KF-50XBR800. I just have a few questions regarding them.

I have a Playstation 3 hooked up to both of these TV's and that is how I watch my HD content. Whenever I use a "Theme" on my PS3's main screen, some of the image is always cut off. Almost as if it will not scale to the TV correctly. Is there anyway to correct this? I have noticed the problem also when I am trying to calibrate the HDTV's using the new DVE HD basics on Blu-Ray.

Is there a button or something that you can press on the remote to see what resolution the TV is currently displaying? If not how can you tell?

Is there any sort of firmware that can be updated on these TV's? I am not sure if that is something you can even do on TV's but was curious. I know that both TV's have a memory stick slot.

Under my PS3's settings I have an option for RGB Full Range (HDMI): Limited or Full, and another option for Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Super-White (HDMI): Off, On. How do I find out if my HDTV, will support those?

Just wanted to also mention that both of these TV's are hooked up to my Playstation 3 using a HDMI to DVI cable and for sound Optical Toslink cable. I originally used Sony's PS3 component cables but decided to upgrade to the HDMI to DVI cable. To be honest, I can not see any difference between the two.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
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