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Sony KLD 46XBR2 questions

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I am very close to purchasing the LCD in the title I have a few questions that a few of you can hopefully help me with.

1. I have read the 'native resolution' of the TV is 1920X1080, does this mean a 720p input will have to be scaled up? Will this processing time to scale the image result in any type of lag? Specifically I am worried about experiencing lag while playing the 360 over component input.

2. Speaking of component inputs will this TV do 1080p over component input or only over HDMI.

3. I have read stuff about the KLD 46XBR3, how does this differ from the XBR2?

Those are my initial questions, thank you for any help you can provide me. I am sure any answer will spawn more questions, thanks.
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That TV accepts up to 1080i over component.
Are there any LCDs out there that accept 1080p over component? I have not found any, it is not a necessity but I am just wondering if it is possible.

Originally Posted by wozniakp /forum/post/0

3. I have read stuff about the 46XBR3, how does this differ from the XBR2?

For the price increase you receive a black bezel instead of silver on the XBR2. They are otherwise identical.
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So basically not worth the 300 bucks
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