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Sony KP-51WS500

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Hello, I have a question about this set.

how does the set "react" when it is fed a 720p signal? will it "downcovert" to 480p? will it "upconvert" to 1080i? or 960i?

And what is the deal with 960i on this set anyways? when is it displayed???

I am planning on buying one this week and those are my 2 questions.

Thank you!

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When fed a 720p signal it is downcoverted to 480p. 960i is part of the sony DRC coversion for 480i materail which is selectable. 480p scan is also an option in the menu for showing 480i materail.
yes, that is what the Sony Representative told me at our online customer support chat today. He said that the 51WS500 actually converts 720p into 1080i. What is the real deal? Here's the transcription of the chat conversation I had with him:

"Jose: ok now this next question is very very important to make a


Jose: i understand that the TV supports NATIVE resolutions of 480i,

480p and 1080i..........

Jose: whay will happen in the tv is fed a 720p signal???? how would

this signal be displayed?

Robert: Please give me a moment.

Robert: I am afraid this Tv does not support 720p.

Jose: i understand that it does not support NATIVE 720p........

Jose: what i want to know is IF i feed it a 720p signal, how would this

signal be displayed on the TV? will the TV DOWNCONVERT it to 480p??

or will it UPCONVERT it to 1080i? or 960i??

Robert: Please give me a moment while I get this information for you.

Jose: ok

Robert: 720p will be converted to 1080i.

Jose: great! and the last question is, do I have to option to convert

720p to 960i? or can it only be displayed at 1080i?

Robert: It will be displayed only at 1080i."

So I am still confused about this.....720p, is it converted to 1080i like Sony says? or 960i? or 480p????I assume 960i looks a little better that 480p right?


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In the instruction manuel, it clearly states that it down convertes 720p to 480p. The only sony models that I know of that convert 720p to 1080i are the wv600 and 700. I have the Sony KP 51ws500 and I have played nba2k3 on xbox which supports 720p resolution, and although the sony dosn't display what resolution its running in it looked exactly like it did in 480p.

As far the way regular 480i materail is the displayed, there are three options. One is to display it as 960i which is for moving images, 480p for still images, (I just leave it in 480p) and cinemotion which is sony's name for 3/2 pull down for viewing films.

Any progressive scan signal or hdtv signal cannot be converted to anything, because DRC is deactivated once those signals are detected.
Thank you for the information, now I understand.......

Do you by the way know of any sets that will upconvert 720p into 1080i?? how about the Toshiba 50H82?

Thank you
The only sony models that I know of that convert 720p to 1080i are the wv600 and 700.
I meant to say BESIDES the Sony models.......
I'm looking into getting this Sony set too. This new info is very strange because one of the big reasons I'm leaning towards the Sony vs. the Toshiba was that I was also told that it upconverted 720p to 1080i. In several other threads here comparing the Toshiba to the Sony kp-51ws500, they said the Toshiba downconverted to 480p & the Sony upconverted to 1080i, which was the one thing they didn't like about the Toshiba. Man, now if dch50 is correct, I'm REALLY bummed out!! I'm probably still going to go with the Sony, but that really sucks that they would make the 600 & 700 model upconvert & make the 500 models downconvert. I find that strange.
On a side note this is the best set I have ever owned!

I had the Sony 51WS500 for two weeks. I was not happy with the picture quality and the set showed too much noise for my taste. I also had Sony's DVD player the 715 which was also noisy. I sent them both back and got the Hitachi 51SWX20B and the Panasonic DVD-RP82 which I couldn't be happier with.

When you talk about Sony having 960i, the Hitachi has 1280i. That is vertical resolution. Full high definition is 1080i x 1920. So Sony is only capable of 1080i x 960 and Hitachi is 1080i x 1280. The new Pioneer Elite 30 Series are claiming 1700i but I think that is way too high.

I feel the extra money I paid for the Hitachi was money well spent. I have always bought Sony television sets, but they were tubes. In the RPTV I do not feel Sony is yet on the level of Hitachi, Pioneer, Mits, or Toshiba. My choice was Hitachi.
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