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When I use my TV (Sony KP-53HS30) with cable, DVD's, Roku, etc. it uses all 1080 lines. Set specs claim 1080i. But when I hook my new dedicated PC to it all I can find is 720.

Specifics are as follows: Graphics card is ATI HD4650 with HDMI out & VGA (15 dsub) outs. TV's has component in (it's pre-HDMI or DVI) so I hooked PC to TV using HDMI to component converter (popular one on Ebay, arched top, small no name box).

The ATI driver and Catalyst only allow one canned resolution that shows a picture on the TV that's not scrambled, that's 1920 x 1080 in interlaced 30Hz mode. I can then set a custom resolution 1440 x 1080. For 1080 lines in 4:3 that should be what I need. (I think).

At either of these settings the TV displays 720 lines (top and bottom of screen not used).

I don't get how the Roku or DVD inputs (component and S-video) display 1080 lines but the PC only 720. Is my converter a totally useless pc of junk that's causing my problems?
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