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I got this Sony free because the owner didn't want to have it repaired. Made in 1997. It had 2 problems. First problem was the convergence, so I replaced the 2 convergence IC's and that corrected the problem. The second problem I still have is that the picture is either too high or too low on the screen. I can turn the tv off and on and this usually shifts the picture either up or down, and if I do this enough, eventually I can get the picture centered with no "black bar" on the top or the bottom. Sometimes when I initially turn the tv on, it will be centered. The picture position never changes during operation, only when you turn the tv off and back on I am an electronic/instrument tech, but I'm not up on video circuits, and I don't have the service manual for this tv. Could someone lead me in the right direction for troubleshooting this problem, and/or help me to find a service manual? Thank you in advance. ~zack
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