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I have a friend who just purchased the Sony KP-61HS30. I'm sure it is a beautiful tv, I haven't seen it yet. He's been telling me about it and he mentioned it does 720p. I'm sure he's wrong, but he's sure he's right. I need a second opinion though. Anyone care to weigh in? The tech specs for this tv don't mention 720p. I'm thinking it can handle a 720p signal and it just downconverts it to either 480p or 1080i...

I didn't really think there were a lot of Sony RPTV's (if any?) that did 720p at this price point.

First post by the way... long time lurker and dreamer about my own HT.

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You are correct and your friend is wrong. Here is the info from the Sony website. Scroll to near bottom of specs and the component input will list what signals it can handle. I highlighted it in Red.


msrp $3099.99

61" Big Screen Projection Television

Hi-Scan 1080iTM Chassis


CineMotionTM Reverse 3-2 Pull Down Technology

Multi-Image Driver-X (MID-TMX) Circuitry

New 3D Digital comb filter Circuitry

16:9 Enhanced Mode (V-Compression)

Advanced Pro-OpticTM System



Built-in high contrast protective screen

BrightViewTM Dual Component Screen

High Contrast Lenticular screen

First surface mirror

Auto White Balance

Auto Pedestal Clamp

Dynamic Picture Processor

Dynamic FocusTM Circuitry

Advanced Velocity ModulationTM Scanning

Advanced Video Processor

Advanced Picture Stabilizer

Shading compensation circuitry

TruSurroundTM Sound with SRS (Sound Retrieval System) 3D Audio Effect

MTS Stereo with DBX® Noise Reduction

Dynamic Acoustic Chamber (DAC) speaker system (20 Watts x 2)*

Flexible Twin-ViewTM 2-Tuner Picture-and-Picture (HD, NTSC)

New Flash FocusTM Fully Automatic Digital Convergence System

Freeze memo

Express Tuning® System (181 Channel)

Easy Set-Up Button

Program PaletteTM Presets (Vivid, Standard, Movie, Sports)

Color Temperature Adjustment (Cool/Neutral/Warm)

Multi-Language Display (English/Spanish/French)

Favorite channel (8 Channels)

Channel Index (12 Channels)

V-Chip Parental Control

Energy Star Compliant

Channel Caption/Video label

S-Video Detection

Programmable On/Off Timer

Sleep timer (30,60,90 min.)

Caption Vision (CC)

Extended Data Service (XDS)

Jump channel

1-Front & Rear Audio/Video Inputs

1-Front & 2-Rear S-Video Inputs

Variable/Fixed Audio Output

2-RF Inputs

TV Output

Control S In/Out

2-Component Inputs, HD Capable (Y/PB/PR), (1080i, 480p, 480i)

Remote: RM-Y908 Remote Commander® Remote Control (TV/VCR/Digital Satellite System/DVD/Cable)
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