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Sony KP65WS500 - Disable Line Doubler?

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Hello everyone!

First time post, so I will try my best to describe my problem...

I purchased the Sony KP65WS500 65" RPTV and currently have a GameCube and PS2 connected. I love to play shooting games like Time Crisis that require a light gun.

As everyone probably already knows, my Sony HDTV will not work with PS2 light guns because of the line doubler in my Sony unit.

My question is: Can you disable it?

I think i've read somewhere on the forums that some HDTVs allow you to disable the line doubler or set the unit to "Game Mode" to allow light guns to function properly. Playing Time Crisis 3 on a 65" display would be heaven!

Can anyone suggest a way to get the guns to work on my Sony? Secret menus to disable it maybe? Internal switch?

Thank you in advance for the help! :)

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