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I could really use some advice. I'm trying to decide between these two sets. I thought the Pioneer had a better picture in the store, but it's also more expensive. Here's what I'm planning to do...

Viewing habits per week:

3hrs - Kids TV (PBS, etc.)

5hrs - Disney Movies (VHS & DVD)

4hrs - Dish Network

4hrs - DVD

I will definitely get DishNetwork HD and a new Kenwood Sovereign 5900M progressive-scan jukebox in the Fall. I might be able to get HD OTA but I'm not holding my breath.

My main question has two parts:

(1) with the progressive scan dvd and DishHD, will I notice the better picture on the Pioneer w/o the internal line doubler engaged. Said another way, will the Sony be closer in PQ using those sources.

(2) Should I wait until the Fall when the new models are released. I'm concerned about two HD-capable inputs and Firewire for future-proofing. With either of these sets I'm going to have to put in a component video switch, right? I'm not ready to upgrade my receiver to HD-capable yet.


Weldon Dodd

[email protected]
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