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Sony KP65XBR10W - Screen Replace?

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Hello - If I am posting incorrectly, please let me know.

I have a Sony KP65XBR10W (65" Rear Proj). The reflective screen has an aberration (rainbow/diffusion/etc) and I wish to replace it. I have the service manual for the TV. Sony will sell me a replacement screen for $324 + $50 shipping.

I have some tools, I can be careful but the service manual only has parts explosions, not procedures.

1 - Should I attempt replacement on my own/with a buddy? It intuitively seems simple, crack the case, yank the old screen, put the new screen in place, close the case.

2 - I don't think I'll be touching the guns so would cailbration be necessary after the screen replacement? (The service manual has calibration instructions but just "How to" not "Why")

3 - Historically, the screen did receive some sunlight. The maid may have applied some cleaner although I instructed her not to. Any idea if either/both of these would cause this problem?

A service company wants another $350 to do it for me. However, then I'm in for almost $1,000. If I spend that much, I might just get a new TV.

Your input is greatly appreciated an anticipated.

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You dont want to get rid of that tv. Its the HolyGrail of rp-crts imo. You can not replace that tv. I would fix it for sure. I would call sony and get authorized sony repair place in your area to do the work. While your at it clean the dust off the guns.. I doubt it would need calibration after the new screen.
Really? Can you tell me why it's the holy grail of RP TVs? It's great with 1080i, good on 480p and fairly weak on regular. Also, my primary query was, "Could I do the replace of the screen or not?" If no calibration needed it seems plausible.
Why? For one it was made in japan. Replace it with a 65 mitsubishi and you have have made in mexico. Their are no more 65sonys for sale. Replace it with one of them fancy plasmas or microdisplays and i guarantee you will miss your tv.

If you decide to replace the screen, gl.
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