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Sony KV-32HS420 for $200 (canadian) - is it worth it?

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I am just using it to watch SD stuff and its the only sony HDTV for a reasonable price that ive been able to find. Or would I be better off buying a standard definition sony for cheaper? there are a couple 36" TV's like the KV-36FS100 for around $100 that are also available. I don't have any desire to watch anything in hidef as its mainly for older videogames like playstation.
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This is only a question that you can answer which is why you probably haven't received any responses. I would check out the HDTV Sony for sale and see if its performance on standard def is better than the cheaper stand def TVs. It is possible, I don't know for sure, that the HDTV sets might have received more care in their setup at the factory so they could quiet easily display a better SDTV picture but I don't know. My 30HS420 was certainly better at SDTV than the previous 10 year old Sony (which their mid-line at the time V series). As for the price I don't know what they go for in Canada. That doesn't seem on unreasonable to me nor does it see a super bargain either. I paid $225 over a year ago for a 30HS420 which is in the more desirable for most folks 16:9 aspect. Given now that these things are a year older and digital sets are that much cheaper I would have expected prices to have fallen further but may not (I don't keep up with them now since I have the set I need).
Not a steal, but if it looks good and everything works then go for it.
Look closely at Craigslist and similar classified sites and you'll be able to find better deals on equivalent sets.
Not likely in Canada. For 200 it's a great set as long as it works fine.
The price you are getting is amazingly low. I have searched for the same model on the web, the average price is about 450$. where did you get it? does the company has some outlets in UK as well.
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