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Sony KV-36HS420

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My mother is looking for a new television that will fit in her cabinet. She seem really interested in this Sony. What do you guys think.

How does it compare with other television in the same range. Toshiba, Sanyo. The reality is that she is 65 years old and is buying a TV because her Mitsubishi Super Tube (old) just gave out.

She does not want to spend an arm and a leg but she knows that hd is the future.

Thoughts are appreciated.
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well if it helps any, Consumer Reports March Issue covers HDTV's (including CRT TV's) and all the Sony's ranked at the top for their respective categories... which includs the HS and XS and XBR models...

this alone has affirmed my decision to go with a Sony for my next TV purchase.... i'm eyeing the 34" HS model
Better check the measurements at www.sony.com as these things are hugh and heavy. I bought the Sony 40XBR800 last July and it took four of us to get it in the apartment and installed on stand. The unit has performed like a champ.

Jeff in NYC


Sony 40XBR800 with Teleview

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Sony RDR-GX7
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I just picked up the KV32HS420. I like it a lot and the PQ is def. better then the 3 yeard ols Sammy 32HD it replaced. Having slight issues with getting color decoder tuned just right (wife thinks it looks just fine tho).

The 32" is about 35.5" wide, so make sure you measure the cabinet you are putting it in before buying the 36". The TV is also about 24" deep, so take that into account as well.

The HS420 series are VERY nice direct views. NO question about it!
I just bought one at Sears.

It is about 39 1/2 inches wide (You can look up exact dimensions on Circuit City if you want).

I'm still tweaking things right now as far as connecting my HTPC to it but I do have a "tweaked" 720p resolution working on it atm. Picture quality is very nice although to be honest I dont have allot of depth insight on comparing models.

It weighs 230 lbs. and is kind of a beast.

But it only took me and a buddy to carry it in. Just make sure you use leather gloves or something, it makes a huge difference when holding onto the bottom with the plastic edges.

You may want to have a third person available just in case you need it, we moved it with two but I wouldnt say it was easy and we are both in pretty good shape.
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If she plans on using it for HD channels then by all means get that set. IF no HD, there are better options out there.
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