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Sony LCD 26" XBR as computer monitor

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I am thinking of buying the Sony LCD 26" XBR HDTV.

It has a refresh rate of 8 ms and a contrast ration of 1300:1.

Resolution is 1366 * 768.

I generally run my monitor at 1028 *764.

So Can I use this as my PC monitor? What are the good and bad side of doing something like this.

(Never mind about the cost).

When I want TV, it will be pretty good. I'm preety sure.

I am just concerned about how it will perform as a PC monitor.

Also, generally your PC is like 18" away from your eyes. Is this a problem. I know in TV mode that would be way too close.

Your help is appreciated.


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I have a sony bravia 26inches and it really have a nice picture... the problem with that tv and many others "newer" tv, is that it have no DVI imput so you have to use the standard VGA cable that have less quality than a DVI cable.... when i use the VGA cable i get a distortion line running from all the tv like when you use a VGA cable extension.... and the HDMI input really sucks for a PC input...

Why does new models have no DVI input?!?!
How long is your cable? Is it well shielded?

What about conveting DVI out from video card to hdmi in to TV.

That should work I think?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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