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Sony LCD Rear Projection?

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I am considering a LCD Rear Projection HDTV as opposed to SXRD (or LCoS) technology.... particularly the KDF-55E2000 or KDF-E60A20. Thoughts on either of these tv's? I am chosing not to get the 1080 as I do not have an hd-dvd player, but the only problem is that only the older models appear to have the 720 res. I am also concerned that the higher resolution may lead to more problems. (if that makes any sense... just my own fears)

Are the LCD Rear Projections comparable to the SXRDs? (as far as picture quality) I dont know anything about LCD projection. I watch a lot of sports and initially did not want an LCD Flat Panel because it seems they are not capable of keeping up with the fast action movements. Will this be a similar problem in a LCD Rear Projection, or is the technology completely independent?

Also, before making the decision to go to 720, I was initially contemplating the KDS-60A2020, but there seems to be a lot of issues with the 2000 series with potential IR or burn-in type problems (and we all know that the 2020s are the same with a different cabinet)

Any insite is appreciated!


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I had a 55 inch Sony A20...I'm told that it is very similar to the E2000 except for lack of a dynamic iris.

I recently upgraded to a A2000 SXRD.

The quality difference due to the vastly superior contrast ratio was really astounding IMO and well worth the upgrade.

You might be able to get a good price on a clearance A2000 and you wouldn't be missing out on anything since nothing really changed on the new models.

Of course there is more potential for problems with an SXRD but I couldn't go back to a 3 LCD at this point.

But anyways...

I never had any problems with fast motion on my 3 LCD RP. People will claim that they get some blurriness with sports but in my experience it was always bad feeds (bit rate starvation).

SXRD can't get burn in. Some folks have reported problems with 'green blob'.

Depending on your viewing distance you probably won't notice the difference between 720p and 1080p.

Can't see whey the higher res would cause problems though. I actually had to return my first 3 LCD due to dead pixels...my SXRD has one (and it's more likely to be debris since it's black). But if you get a good 3 LCD set you shouldn't have any problems (meaning i've never seen dead pixels develop over time...if they aren't there out of the box you're good).
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IMO, both LCOS and DLP are better technologies than RP LCD, but in the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all that matters is which looks best to your eyes. Burn-in is not an issue with any of these.
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