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I' m so glad I found this place. You guys turned me on to the Sony's DS7500 that lead me to the Sony MDR-HW700DS

They are like I'm at the theater without some cow behind me chopping down on the popcorn (yes some "big girl" here in Iowa was able to eat throughout ""Dallas Buyers Club", amazing ) or the old guy rattling the soda cup with ice in order to get the last sip of diet coke. That along with the another 3 cows behind me chomping throughout "Nebraska" gave me a sense of the feedlot experience!

I've been using the Sennheiser 170 RS the past year. Great as regular headphones, but with the surround on, a sort of silence when things got quiet and then background noise whenever the dialogue started; a halting starting and stopping of background noise. It just drove me nuts, so I rarely used it in this mode. Also when using the remote the transient hum whenever I used the remote to start or stop the video or dvd. also as annoying.

So I had to find an alternative since a dedicated 7.1 is out of the question.

I found it with these - just sound!! Nothing else. Scenes with no sound - nothing. Transition from quiet scenes to those with dialogue or music, then just that. Nothing extra.

Great base - the sort of thumping when the bomb went off in action movies as well as the gun shots. Great expansive sound stage with the Cinema mode. Can go to just plain stereo or even turn it off when watching the news.

As good as a dedicated home 5.1, 7.1,9.1? I don't know as I never had one of these. Modern house construction are not conducive to home theaters, unless you live alone. However, certainly as good as any theater I've been to. Even better. Soundstage more realistic as opposed to sounds coming from well behind that really don't correspond to the film that you get in theaters.

Great controls on the headset itself, no need to program my Harmony Touch.

Put them on your head and it turns on the base station as well. No hunting for the on off switch on the base station like the Senn's.

I wish I had seen the older model DS7500 before I found the Senn's. So much for CNET reviews. They said the Senns were the best but never even mentioned the Sony's. How did they miss the background noise? Anyway so much for CNET from now on.

Now remember, I'm just a regular guy. Could never hear the 10 db difference claimed by audiophiles when identical systems were set up with the only difference being the Linn Sondek turntable (same tone arm and cartridge, and of course the same pre amp, amp and speakers. So you might want to take that into consideration).

In any event, I'm in nirvana.

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I bought these headphones and love them - However I have noticed one problem with the EU version - There is no option to add additional headphones. - The ID Set button is mission and no mention o fit in the manual unlike the Japanese version!
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