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I want to buy a 4k TV this year, but I'm not sure how to proceed. That I'm aware of, I have two choices that seem best to me: 1) buy a 65" Sony X850b now for $2,300 USD or 2) buy a 65" Samsung js8500 SUHD during the Holiday shopping season for what I believe will be $3,500. My thinking is based on future considerations and information I've been given by various electronics retailers.

If I buy the Sony for it's low price it will be financially easy to sell it off in three years for peanuts and buy into an affordable OLED system, in which 10-bit color and HDR will be refined and standard. Like the Sammy 8500 it's edge-lit, although it may not have local dimming. And Sony claims its Triluminous technology is a strong competitor to 10-bit color. Calling a Sony tech, I was told that the x850b will have no trouble at all displaying the full resolution of the forthcoming 4k Blu-ray players, although the 10-bit color and HDR can't be decoded. It has 240 motion, although I was told that to get the best motion handling I would have to step up to the more expensive models; if I wanted to watch sports extensively, for instance.

As for the Samsung JS8500, well...it's among the latest and greatest edge-lit local dimming LEDs from Samsung, and it does have 10-bit color and HDR. And it should come in, if I'm correct, at about $1,200 more than the Sony at the end of this year.

I have no doubts that there is an awful lot of information I'm not considering. Since I may only have a limited amount of time to make a purchase decision, I welcome all opinions, advice and information anyone would be kind enough to give me.
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