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sony NS775V

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I'm in the market for a new dvd player (i'm currently using my xbox to watch movies) and have heard some good things about the sony 775. After reading up on it, I've noticed that it has an integrated dolby digital/dts decoder. Since I already have a dedicated amp (from my onkyo hts570 HTiB) is buying this dvd player a waste of money? I was also looking at the pioneer 578A, which is about 40$ CAD less than the sony. I've checked out the reviews on hometheaterhifi and the pioneer did pretty well, although not stellar. The sony 775 wasn't reviewed. Thanks
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Do you want the Sony for the audio or the video? Most of the praise I have seen on the forum has been for the quality of the picture and not the 5.1. Most of the praise I have read about 775 is the good MPEG decoder, 12 bit 108 MHz video, etc. Yes there has been praise about the audio but most is the video (especially since there seem to be a shortage of quality DVD players these days that are not upconverting and use component instead of DVI or HDMI).

I imagine the Sony audio is great too but I know I want the 775 because it seems to have great video via component outputs for a player that is around $100-120US (reasonably priced). SACD and discrete 5.1 are cool features too but more like icing on the cake than must haves. For me at least, YMMV.
I'm difinitely interested in only the video. I'll continue to use my onkyo receiver for the audio. I seems that I was so interested in what it could do video wise, I only realized a little while ago that it had a built in decoder. Ireally wish hometheaterhifi would review it.
J just picked up a 775v over the weekend, after many movies on my new plasma 42" Vizio, I really like the Sony. After using DVE to set the correct brightness and contract, I'm happy to said that the 775 does pass BTB on both DVE (see all 3 black bars) and THX (see the THX shadow).

On another "official" thread of Sony 775, someone asked to compare this player with Toshiba 3960. Well, I have both player so I did a side by side test yesterday by playing the same chapter of a few movies on both player at progressive scan output. For reason I don't know, the toshiba 3960 only pass BTB on the DVE disc, but won't show the THX shadow on THX test. The Sony passed both test. The Sony has a much better pictures quality in the bright scence such as the pod racer chapters on Starwar I, but both players are equal in the dark movie. I'm still seeing lot of washing out details in the dark, but that might be due to the limitation of my plasma. For audio, I think the Toshiba win both CD music and movie, the sound seem to be more richer and more detailer than the Sony (both are connect to my trusty Onkyo receiver). Hope this help!
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I bought this player last week and I am really impressed with the picture on it. It has the built in decoders but I am running it through my Onkyo HT Receiver. I haven't hooked it up yet for SACD. That requires analog cables but I am a little sketchy cause in the book it says to use stereo cables (RCAs) and then it says for the center and sub to use monoaural cables. Not really sure what that is.

I calibrated with Avia and so far the picture quality is amazing. Also...anyone out there have any experiences with burned material. A friend of mine gave me some burned material on a TEON dvd-r and it did skip and freeze up. I never heard of TEON so I am chalking it up to poor media quality. I would like to know what brands to use for this player so I am not making coasters.

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monoraul means mono or single channel, just keep in mind that ANY single rca cable is mono. all you need to do is run a cable for each channel from the six channel OUT of the dvd player to the six channel IN on your receiver.

Oh yeah make sure that you actually switch to that input on your receiver (i've made that mistake myself a couple of times);)
I remember reading something about burned discs somewhere in this forum. I believe it was in one of the longer Sony 775 threads. From what I remember, it did very well with different types of discs. Does anyone know if there are any problems with the chroma. The sony 575 model didn't do very well in the hometheaterhifi tests when it came to chroma. I've also read some reviews of the 575 that mentioned it having problems with the chroma.
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