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Japanese TV brands have adjusted operation strategies for 2014. Sony, for example, has announced to spin off its TV business in July, and will turn to placing mainly original equipment manufacturing (OEM) TV orders, rather than Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) as before. Sharp will license its TV brand to BestBuy in the U.S. market, in which the Japanese vendor will focus on vending over-60-inch TV models. Toshiba's global TV shipments shrank in 2013, but Taiwanese company Compal acquired Toshiba's Polish assembly plant in late last year, and aims to ship some four million TVs to Toshiba in 2014.

By: Quincy Liang

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Foxconn has been making a lot of Sony's sets recently. I belive they make most of the Sony Bravia sets and maybe others. The new KDL40R450A I just bought for my bedroom set is a Foxconn /Sony product from Mexico .

not nessecarily a bad thing .

Foxconn is .ISO 2008 certified and probably QC wise one of the better OEM/ODM houses . Foxconn already makes iPhones,iPads,iPodsand and Macbooks ,PS3,PS4 ,Xbox ,Sony TV's ,

HP PC's and lots of other stuff .

If as indicated above by Sony placing more OEM orders rather than ODM orders Foxconn will

be designing *some of the sets as well that again might not be a bad thing considering Hon Hai Foxconn's technological resources and global capabilites. ofc that can go either way. Other mfrs such as Toshiba ,Sharp,Panasonic and many others are following this trend.

The HP (3 PC's ) ,PS3 and TV I have from Foxcon seem to be pretty good.

although the 3 PS2's I went through were probably bad desighn that wouldecnt be the first from Sony .

The point being if Sony is going implement OEM rather than just ODM strategy as previously then going forward Foxconn should be a good choice

Foxconn is building plants in US soon they will also be making the Visio 110" and other sets in US

probably lots of Sony's also.
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