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I'm out of ideas here. I am a total noob when it comes to TVs. I can repair computers rather well, but this isn't helping me much here. I'd really like to find a solution to this problem ASAP as this is the only TV in the house, and it gets used quite a bit. I would appreciate any kind of advice or recommendations that you may be able to offer!

Unit Info:

- Sony Rear Projection HDTV

- 5 years old

- No previous issues or repairs of any kind


After powering on the set, the picture and sound will stop completely. The TV doesn't just lose signal, it turns off the lamp and everything completely. It will remain off for about 30 seconds, and then resumes normal operation again. After another minute or two it will power off again. While the screen is off, the power light flashes green not red. This cycle continues indefinitely.

Tried to:

1) Remove rear panel and cleaned out dust to see if unit was overheating from lack of airflow.

- Did nothing to improve or change condition.

2) Removed lamp and cleaned dust off of it (again trying to see if it was overheating).

- Did nothing to improve or change condition.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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