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Sony Qualia Projector Ceiling Mount

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Sony's specs. suggest that their PSS-100 ceiling mount allows the projector to be dropped a maximum of about 16" from ceiling to middle of the lens with an adjustment pipe "D".

Anyone have experience with another mount or "adjustment pipe/extension" that would allow it to drop further so we don't have to build the ceiling downward?

I would like to stick with the Sony mount if possible since it looks good even though I've heard it's a real pain to work with.

Suggestions Anyone?
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Use the Sony mount. It comes in two sections. Have someone make and extension for you.

You will be happy you did. Mod will not be difficult.

Won't the vertical lens shift let you drop the image down to below the horizontal plane of the projector? I thought that it would in this case. (Or do you need even more drop?)
It also depends on what lens he has. Jim's Qualia uses the short-throw lens, and has much less lens shift capability than say PeterS's- which uses the mid-throw lens.

An elegant, albeit expensive option would be to have chief or auton build a motorized lift to mount the projector to. You would then have the ability to keep the projector "high and tight" when not in use, and lowered for movie time. I know that both companies have worked-out plans and prototypes for the Qualia. But like I said, they are WAY not cheap.

jbm007: That's what I thought I was going to hear and might be the best thing to do. You have done this already?

Michael & Dan: We are unable to get back far enough to use the long lens. The mid lens (what we are using) still does not allow the projector to sit above the screen without using electronic keystone correction.

For various reasons including the one you mentioned lifts are out.

Thanks for feedback, still looking for other suggestions if anyone has any.
What do you mena by build the ceiling downward??? Is this new construction?
"building the ceiling downward" = not lower the whole ceiling, just an attractive "bump" down to attach the mount to which would get the projector where I need it. The trick would be attractive.

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