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I bought a Sony RDR-VX555 DVD Recorder/VCR combo. I also have a Samsung 19" LCD HDTV and a Scientific Atlanta 4250HD cable box. I connected all of these to an HDMI switcher because my HDTV has only 1 HDMI input jack. When I put on an HD channel, it comes out great. Now, when I turn on the RDR-VX555 and have my cable box set to an HD channel, I get gray bars on the top and bottom. With the RDR-VX555 on and I switch to a non-HD channel, the bars disappear. I have my HDTV set to widescreen because my HDTV is a widescreen and I set my RDR-VX555 to 16:9. Even, if I connected the HDTV to the cable box with component cables and connect the RDR-VX555 to the HDTV with an HDMI cable and turn on the RDR-VX555 after that, I still get gray bars on an HD channel. I want to record an HD channel without the bars. How do I make the bars disappear?
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