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After reading about and playing with Sony's Reality Creation on my new XBR-65X850B, it seems to do a really good job at helping my 1080p media look fantastic at 4K.

I play media from Plex on OS X. OS X doesn't support 23.97Hz, only 24Hz. When I play my 24p media at 24Hz (and not 23.97) I get a frame skip from the 3:2 pulldown. The solution is to play the file at 60Hz, and everything plays smoothly, but the TV gets a 60Hz input signal, not 24Hz.

Here's my question: I know Reality Creation is designed to work with 1080p input at 24p framerate. If I play my content (which is 24p content) at 60Hz, will the Reality Creation work? Or will it only activate when the TV receives a true 24p input signal?

The true solution is to run Plex from Windows, which does support true 23.97Hz. Eventually I will do this, but it's not an option at the moment. That's why I want to know exactly how much functionality I'm missing out on by having the output set to 60Hz and not 24Hz.
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