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Hello! This is my first post. I am a long time reader and my day has come! I really need help! I am getting color banding and pixel offset through my receiver.

Here are the details and my setup:

The video/audio goes from a PS3 to a Sony STR-DG810 and then to a Planar PD7060 (all through HDMI). I bought the DG810 and the HDMI cables this week and am having trouble! I noticed right away that something was off. I was getting what looked like a one pixel-wide shift to the left (the new line of pixels on the far right of the screen almost looked like a refracted and compressed version of the total image). I would get this about 50% of the time when I played music files from the PS3. After this pixel shift appears I have to reset the projector image to "clean" it of this "refracted" line of pixels. While this is annoying, the real reason I am asking for help is that I am also getting nasty color banding in skin tones and dark parts of BluRay disks, during the ps3 audio visualizer, and just about all the time. In denial that it was my new setup I tried recalibrating everything in the image settings... but nothing worked. The only thing that did work was running my video cable directly from the PS3 to the projector. Through component, DVI (I have a converter), and HDMI - the signal is GREAT! I have no banding. BUT, as soon as I run the HDMI through the receiver I get nasty color! Thinking the audio was screwing things up - I have tried sending the audio to the receiver through the "SCART" RCA cables, I have even tried no sound output. Everything I try that goes through the receiver gets messed up. What could I be doing wrong???? I have also changed the audio output from the PS3 to the receiver to both PCM and bitstream with no effect! Please help me get to the bottom of this!

Is it a bad receiver? The HDMI cables work great when used to direct connect the PS3 and projector. What is happening when I send the signal into the receiver that is degrades so much?

thanks so much for the time/help,

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