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Originally Posted by zero83 /forum/post/19558598

Hi i am getting a new sony str dh710 reciever and i have a few question

If i send lpcm audio from ps3 to my reciever will i still be able to apply pro logicIIz decoding to that lpcm signal?

When i use the auto calibration will i be able to keep the settings it gives me but only change say the speaker size while keeping everyything else the same?

Will the auto calibration dsettings apply to all of my sources digital lpcm and analog?

Please help


Check the manual (you should be able to download it)l, it might explain whether you can apply DPL IIx to PCM (most receivers should allow this, but it pays to doublecheck.)

Apply the auto setup, and change speaker size afterwards, is one simple solution. On my receiver, I can apply auto setup, then change speaker size, then tell it NOT to check speaker size, and apply auto setup again (on the chance that makes a difference.) Otherwise, I can only suggest to download and see the manual, and see if it clarifies auto setup options.

Generally auto setup applies to everything (analog inputs would be converted to digital I believe.) If the receiver has multi-channel analog input, such as for an optical player, that would usually bypass the DSP.
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