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MY ruby has now 350 hours on the lamp and having a big screen (4.2m wide, 2.2 meters high), it becomes a bit dim now...so before I put more good money into it, I though it is worth to check the actual reference machine...the HD750 in my home theatre side by side.

The result is a mixed bag:

The HD 750 is

- much sharper than the Ruby. Be it the contrast or the postprocessing or the optics, it is a much sharper machine.

- only as bright as the Ruby now in "normal" Lamp mode, which is the silent lamp mode every body is reporting about. If you go to high lamp mode, it is a perfect machine, but it is way to noisy for me. No Way.

- Strange Gamma after the Ruby, some scenes are simply too dark.

- Even in de-saturated THX-Mode, still the colours are a bit "plastic", no way matching the Sony.

- It has a beautiful contrast, wihch you really want BUT with the right rightness / Gamma

The Sony is

- wonderful quiet

- Gray Blacks with some noise in the blacks even

- Compared to the JVC unsharp und no contrast

- Way more naturla colours than the JVC

So, it feels that you go from one compromise to the next to be honest.

I want more contrast, more brightness and , if possible, more sharpness in motions, but I want the same level of colours and quietness in a projector.

Is that possible today ? What would you recommend ? Anyone "heard" the Planar 8150 ?

- wonderful colours

- too dim and
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