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Sony, Samsung, Zenith... 42" or 50"?

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I accidently ran across a greal deals on plasmas while looking for in-ceiling speakers for a whole-house sound system. These prices are from a local, reputable B&M dealer that happened across a warehouse at the right time.

I can get the following at the following prices:

Sony PFM42B2 - $2500

Samsung PPM50H3 - $3500

Zenith P50W26 - $3700

These are all brand new, boxed, full warranty items. The warehouse went bankrupt and he bought at pennies on the dollar (said his normal cost for the Sony set was over $4000 and bought for less than 1/2). He's passing the savings along to good customers.

Anyway, which of these should I spring for. All sound like good deals.

Thanks for the input.
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My research didn't run past those brands very much, but an obvious question is how far will be your primary sitting position from the plasma.

If you are 7 feet away or less, then the 42 inch is got to be your choice. You start to get 10 to 15 feet away and you'll probably like the wow factor of a 50 inch.

Make sure you get full warranty service on these items and guarantee its newness. I get a little nervous when I hear someone told reasons like that for a great price.

If the price is too unbelievable, there's usually a reason for it.
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