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Sony Sat HD100 advice.

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I can't seem to get SHOH on my HD100. The numbers look good. DTV says that they have done their part. Is there something that I don't know about the HD100? Are other people with this STB getting SHOH without problem? Is there some kind of incantation? Art
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Have you done the obvious things like reset your system for 3 LNBs and gotten a good signal on Sat C?
I get ShowHD just fine on my HD100. Make sure you have the oval 3-sat option selected in the menu. When I installed my sat c kit and selected the 3-sat ShowHD showed up automatically with out even having to do a channel rescan.

My HD100 is working flawlessly with SHOHD. Came in immediately after installing sat-c kit and changing setup to 3-sat mode with no reboot needed.
Thanks, guys. Yes, I have good numbers on all of the sats and all of the transponders. I just can't get 543. Black screen after the banner for Shoh. I have done all manner of resets, etc. I can't imagine anything that would prevent 543 in the Sony box. DTV offers no help. Damn. Art
Got mine installed yesterday - worked fine "out of the box".

Call DirecTV and make sure:

* They have your proper receiver model noted

* They have the "HDTV" option enabled for your account

* They have the "SHOH" option enabled for your account
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If you are getting good signal strength on 110 then [[your not going to like this] you are going to have to keep calling until you get the right person, and when you do it will come on. I had rather talk to a tree than call these people.

See my private message response. I can bring my STB over tomorrow after work or over the weekend. I hope you can solve this problem before the HD presentation of Apocalypse Now Redux on Saturday.

Thanks, Andrew. I will call you.

Trich, I could not agree more.

Hey, what if I just dropped the whole DTV thing for a few hours and then reinstituted it? Maybe that would shake it loose. Art
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