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This is the original high-end Sony ES SACD player, and has a LOT of exceptional features; original cost was $2500 ten years ago; a strictly top-of-the-line nice machine.

It is in absolutely perfect condition in all respects; like new. There are pictures and the manual available for viewing or download on the Sony website. I have the original manual and the remote control, but not the original box. The finish is all-black.



It has four different digital filters that can be manually selected to optimize the sound for different tastes and types of CD music, and a very large display that shows track names for SACD and various combinations of time and track and filter information depending on mode selected etc. It has a lot of very cool features.

It is a top-loading unit with a motorized door that slides open and closed for loading and a heavy gold-plated weight that rests on the disc while playing. It has standard RCA analog and RCA coaxial digital outputs.

It weighs 52 pounds, so you need a solid cabinet or shelf to put it on. Yes; 52 pounds. This thing is built like an Abrams tank.

Yes, the OPPO BDP-95 sounds a bit better if you want to spend $1000, but this one sounds better than almost anything you can get for under $800 new.

I am in the San Bernardino, California area and I will either deliver it to you or you can come and get it or we can arrange to meet halfway somewhere in southern California. You can either bring cash or make advance payment by Paypal, whichever suits you. NO checks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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