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Sony STR-DA4es : Auto Decode Problem

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Hi Guys

Got my 4es Friday and finally got to hooking it up. I have my DVD player hooked up with a coax digital cable. My Ultimate TV is hooked up with an optical cable. For now, I only have my center speaker hooked up, if that matters. While playing back either source in the autodecode mode, there is no sound from the center speaker and the display shows only the L/R and Sub speaker icons along with the "coax" or "optical" also showing appropriately.

The "Stream, linear pcm (48khz)" also shows after switching inputs.

If I choose the normal surround mode, it does go into PLII and the center works fine.

I've used DVD's and played movies on the Ultimate TV that should be in DD or DTS but no go.

I know it must be something very simple, like not having the other speakers hooked up?

Where is my DD or DTS? :)


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You only have ONE speaker hooked up? I don't know if it can tell what's available. I've never run it without anywhere for the signal to go. I don't use the amps in the 4ES therefore no speaker connections. I do use the eight preouts. I have all kinds of gadgets hooked up to the thing and its auto function works perfectly. I'd have to check my settings. It's been a long time since I paid any attention to them.
Yeah, only the center. (I completely re did the rack and stuff is everywhere)

Still, the receiever shouldn't know or care what speakers are hooked up for it to go into DD? I'll find out tomorrow. You're not running any speakers and it's decoding, right?

BTW, I switched coax and toslink and still no DD. The display would confirm what type of cable it was receiving on.


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Did you select "input mode" and set it on Digital Coax Fixed instead of "Auto 2 Channel"?

yeah, i tried auto, coax fixed, optical fixed (with appropriate cables).

Can't get it into DD at all. I have confirmed that various dvd's are set to DD 5.1 out.

Could the coax/optical cables be bad but still let some signal come through?

This is my first DD receiver so I have no hostory wth the dvd player, cables, etc.


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I looked at my settings:


Menu Expand ON

2CH MODE PLII Music or whatever you've selected in Normal


SB Decoding Auto

Multi CH2 DVD/LD

Digital Power Auto Off

Video Power Auto Off

S Field Link Off

Decode Format Auto

Auto Function ON


Panorama ON

In the SOUND FIELD MENU on the Remote:

It sounds like you may have selected 2CH Stereo or Analog Direct. I put in a DVD and when selecting either of these I get no Center. (Obvious) I use Normal Surround which gives output to all seven speakers. Auto Decoding will work with DVDs but cuts the back surrounds when using a regular 2CH CD. That's why I use Normal Surround for everything.

Good Luck -
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You also may need to set your DVD player for a digital bitstream output. My DVD player will not output through the digital connection unless this setting is turned-on.

I GOT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sony DVD player had to be set to ac-3 instead of pcm output.

Ultimate TV sat receiver had to be set to DD out!

woohoo, sounds great. nice box :)

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