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Hi All,
This question deals primarily with the front height channels

I just purchased and set up the Sony STR-DA5800 receiver! I replaced a 17 year old Denon AVR-75 (75watt X5 channel receiver) and an outboard Technics SH-AC500D DD/DTS decoder. My 5.1 system sounded great before. Now it sounds incredible! I'm running a 7.1 setup with front height speakers and the surrounds at 45 degree angles in the back corners of the room. I'm using Dolby Pro Logic IIz (mid setting) for movies and it is a wonderful, immersive soundstage. Sony's Digital Cinema HD setting (studio mode) was recommended to me by a friend who has the 5800. It does sound great, but it doesn't appear to utilize the front height speakers. I did the auto calibration (flat) lowered the sub setting, and configured the speaker volumes accordingly. Is it just that that Digital Cinema HD setting doesn't use front height, or am I doing something wrong? What about auto format decode (A.F.D.)? Even on a 7.1 encoded blu-ray disc, unless I have Dolby Pro Logic IIz turned on, I get nothing from the front height speakers. I really want to take advantage of those front height channels. Thanks in advance for your time and insight.
•Sony STR-DA5800ES Amp + Sony KDL-46NX810 HDTV
•NHT SuperOne (Frt L+R)
•NHT SuperCenter (Ctr)
•NHT SuperZero (Frt L+R Height)
•NHT SW-2P with NHT MA-1 mono Amp (80 watt) (Sub)
•NHT SuperZero (Sur L+R)
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