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Hi everyone,

I'm in the process of installing a "TiVo" PVR into my modest A/V setup, and I've hit a minor snag. I've got a '98 Sony STR-DE915 receiver and I can't find the dang manual anywhere. If someone could tell me how to do the following, or point me to an online version of the manual, I'd be most grateful.

To avoid confusing my wife, I'd like to plug the A/V from the TiVo in to the "TV" inputs of the receiver. That way she can keep hitting "TV" on the remote like she's used to and she'll get the TiVo.

So I *did* hook it up that way and it works fine except for the fact that when you choose "TV", the remote also sends a signal to the TV instructing it to change to the antenna input. (Similar to pressing the "TV/Video" button on the TV.)

Since the TiVo signal is coming into the Video1 input, that's no good. I can't remember if I explicitly programmed the remote to send this signal, or if it's doing it automagically. I'd like it to stop. Can some kind someone tell me how to defeat this feature?

(It's a learning remote, and I'm guessing that I programmed the "TV" button to send this signal in addition to the default action of switching the receiver's inputs. If I could just find out the procedure to "teach" it a new function, I think I'll be golden.)

Or better yet, tell me where I put that manual! http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif

Thanks a bunch

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