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After only nine years of service, my Sony STR-DE935 has started acting funny. It is switching to "Protector" mode after a few short seconds. I've unplugged it for a few days and have taken off all the speaker wires. I've even done a reset to it with no luck. Research on here and the various tubes of the internets have led me to beleive that the receiver needs to be fixed by Sony for a charge greater than its worth.

I think the time has come to get a new model. I have a Sony 50" RP LCD TV, a Sony upscaling DVD player and a Wii. I'd like to get a good receiver that does HDMI upconversion and switching. I'd really prefer to have just one cable running to the TV. I want to switch signals through the receiver and not the TV. The TV is currently in the corner of a rectangular room and wil stay there for the foreseeable future.

I do not have surround speakes setup since I don't have a good spot to mount rear speakers. But, I am working on that solution right now. I also need to have the ability to run a second set of speaker rocks in the back yard. The speakers I have are HTD Middies.

I'd like to stay in the $500 range. Err...my wife would prefer that I stay in the $500 or so range.

Any thoughts out there? Can I get a switch that can enable a receiver with one set of outputs to power two sets of speakers?
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