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I have been in the market for a new HDTV, most likely a Plasma. I have also been looking at some receivers with HDMI inputs. So my best friend, who knows what I have been looking for, who works at Best Buy calls me up the other day.

He says, "Dude, I saw something, and I just HAD to buy it. I wanted you to have it." I'm like "SWEET, what is it?" He says, "The Sony STR DG-820" And he rattles off all of the specs. Then he says, "You owe me $40!!!"

I'm like, "WHAT!!!!!?????!!!, open box deal, right, cool with me!!!

The price was actually $25 (manager wanted it GONE!!!) he bought me a 3 year warranty too ($15)!!! $40 Total!!!

Anyway, the only slight downfall is, of course, it doesn't have the remote. I have already found a couple places that have it in stock. One has it for $65 (electronicadventure.com), and another for $49 (newremotecontrols.com).

If anyone has any knowledge of where I can get this for less than $49 (if anywhere), please let me know.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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