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I made some speaker changes to my home theater system this week and decided I'd go back and try to set things up the right way (connect the computer to the receiver instead of TV, fix the audio to not use AFD mode etc.) I have never been able to get the PS3 to play surround sound properly through the receiver without using using AFD mode.

I have spent the last 4 days reading all the discussions/ manuals/blogs I can find on this subject. I feel like I've read everything, know nothing, tried most suggestions and still can't get my receiver to work the way I want so here goes...

I have a Sony STR-DG810 receiver, Thin ps3, mac mini (about a year old), Vizio m652 TV and 5 various surround sound +1 subwoofer speakers
The mac mini and PS3 are connected to the receiver via HDMI cables, The Receiver is connected HDMI out to TV HDMI in (when I get this all working I'm going to try and add another HDMI going the other way so I can play TV sound on the receiver but that's a task for another day). The receiver settings are set for HDMI

I connected the mac mini up to DVD IN, PS3 to VIDEO 2/BD IN
and changed the configurations on the PS3 to follow suggestions from Ing (seem to be the same as in AVS FAQ) http://www.ign.com/articles/2008/12/12/optimizing-your-ps3-for-blu-ray?page=1 trying both bitstream and LPCM setting for Audio output on the PS3.

My problem is on both bitstream and LPCM setting the receiver shows the boxed x then PL-meaning "the receiver is using pro Logic processing to 2 channel signals in order to output the center and surround channels signals" (STR DG810 manual). The L, C,R, SW displays are all showing with boxes around them, the SL and SR have boxes but not the letters displayed. The rear speakers do have sound but it's somewhat flat compared to when AFD is selected. (shouldn't I see something different on the receiver screen when using bitstream vs LPMC since LPMC has the PS3 doing the decoding )

I'm assuming I'm still only getting 2 channels into my receiver from the PS3. Any suggestions or explanations would be very helpful.
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