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Sony STR-DH700 Problem

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Hi all,

I was at my friend's place to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday and he has a new Sony STR-DH700 AVR working with his projector system.

But it has a recurring problem. At least six times during the game, when a whistle would blow the amp shut itself off!!!

The front panel would read "Protection Mode" and then the AVR would shut off.

Has anyone else had this problem???
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Check the ventilation sud not be covered. unhook all speaker and check if it doesnt show protect than one of your speaker is bad, if same

problem display shows protect than its internal problem. it has sound output transitors one or two might be short. Common problem of this amp is output driver ICs STK350-530t has 4 of them sometimes they have dry solder on them or 2 of them are bad which controls your front speakers. smell the upper ventilation there will bruning smell inside if yes its 100% they are bad
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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