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So I just bought this new receiver and I'm anxious to hook it up. I'm upgrading from an old Sony STR K790 system. I'm here because I know next to nothing when it comes to how compatible my old set up is to the new receiver. I'd like to use my existing speakers (6ohm) and subwoofer for the time being. I believe I can use my speakers without issue, but the sub is apparently passive and was amplified by the old receiver with only the connection of speaker wire. What are my options going forward? I've read that I could purchase an amp, but what kind? Or I could look at replacing the sub, but at what cost? How do I determine what amplifier I would need or what inexpensive sub would be compatible?

*As a side question. Can anyone make any recommendations on inexpensive speakers that sound good? Am I missing out on much with my existing set?


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