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Sony STR845 and Motorola DTC2000

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Now bear in mind, I am relatively new to this stuff.

I have a RCA HDTV, the Motorola (Comcast) Digital Cable Box DCT5100 and a Sony STR DE845. Picture looks great on the HDTV channels and the sound is o.k. But should I be getting Digital Sound (multi-decoded)...the blue light that comes on when I play DVD's and get Digital sound or DTS? When I go to those "digital" channels, above 99+ here in MA, my receiver continues to show the Cinema Series B and I believe that is just Pro-Logic.

By the way, I just have the RCA cables out from the cable box into the TV/SAT inputs on the Receiver. Do I need an AC3 or Coax?

Anyone have any ideas to this one?


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For the digital sound, yes you'd need the Coax or Optical cable from the box to the receiver. I'm assuming you're referring to just 2 audio cables, left and right (red and white usually) and not 5 channel audio (which I think that box has). If 2, then you're just using Pro-Logic.
You need the digital cable to the receiver. Here in MA, you'll still get Dolby Pro Logic on the analog channels, even using the digital connection. On the digitial channels, you'll get whatever is being broadcast -- usually Dolby Pro Logic decoding of Dolby Surround, but full Dolby Digital 5.1 on many HBO and Showtime movies. The HDTV network channels will be 5.1 sometimes.
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