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I'm new to AVS. I was wondering if anyone knows if the Denon 4310 sounds the same as the Denon 3808... A British magazine recently gave the Sony STRDA5400ES top marks over the Pioneer SC07, Yamaha 3900, Rotel 1550, and Marantz 8002!!! People on British forums are agreeing with this opinion. Unlike in Britain, the Sony is hundreds of dollars less than the other models mentioned. Three American magazines also like the Sony! It apparantly has less real world power than the other receivers but the processors are supposed to be amazing...and provide great detail and soundstaging.

I have two young children and another on the way. I only had the time to visit a hifi shop months ago and heard an A/B between the Pioneer SC07 and the Denon 3808 through Paradigm Studio speakers. The Pioneer was warm and dynamic but the Denon was a detail king! Has anyone here heard the Sony?

BTW, nobody in any forum has mentioned... although the 4310 is a direct replacement for the 3808 power wise, the lighter weight of the 4310 is due to new technology...according to Denon Canada. And, I have a very detailed comparison list between the new Denon models if anyone is interested in seeing them. The Denon 4310 has one AL24 chip for each and every 7 channels...go detail go!!!

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