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Sony surround sound ($284) from CC

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CC has a Sony system (HTDDW740) on sale for $284 which sounds like a great deal - depending on quality.

I have a 6 month old Hitachi HDTV with a Panny rp56 DVD. Is this sound system a decent fit? Anyone happy / unhappy with it? Does it support the appropriate types of surround sound signals?
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What is your budget? What do you want - "surround sound" or just more volume?

If you can only spend $284 on a surround system, you are going to get sub-par performance. Essentially you'll receive a boom-box with 4 or 5 detached speakers.

If you can up your budget a little I think you will find a better variety. I believe Kenwood makes an above average HTIB (home theater in a box), but I haven't heard it. Stepping up to Energy's take 5 systems, Klipsch's Quintets, etc. steps you to a whole new level.

What you reall ought to consider is dropping as much as you can afford into some decent front speakers (starting price point is probably $400 a pair) and build around them. In the end, you will be much happier.

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CC has a 30 day return policy. Just buy them and see what YOU think. A friend of mine bought one of the Sony surround systems (I think his cost a bit more) and I was surprised how good it sounded.

A good pair of front speakers can be had for much less than $400. Try to find a pair of Acoustic Energy Aegis 1's. They've just been obsoleted but they can usually be had for around $200.

That sounds like it's worth a try. Like you say, I may like it. I would buy a better one but ... wife ... $$$$... mad... you know the story. I figure if it is decent, it will keep me until I can get something better. Thanks for your input.

Has anyone else actully used this system?
I have not used this system, but I have seen an Awia HTIB for about the same price, the sound that came out was very weak and tinny. If you can spend a little more. Or buy speakers as you go. First fronts, and maybe a center.. and so on..
THis is what I have done......Pieced things together used/refurb - buying everything at once is cost prohibative....

Paradigm Monitor 7's

Paradigm CC350

Velodyne CT100

Onkyo 787

Total cost of gear: $1250.00

Not the "Holy Grail" of HT, but a start.....
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Dolby Surround system:

1. Sennheiser DSP-PRO $50

2. Sony V-6 Headphones $60

Total $110

Extras: Ratshack 42-2108 Stereo reverberator $54 bought in 1984, and 2 backups for $40 of internet owners.

Reverb unit has up to 2000 milliseconds of echo and 100 times the depth of any known dolby decoder!

Total Cost $164 for HTRF 5 sounds into low impedence headphones

Advantages: using headphones you don't bother anyone and no one bothers you.

You can watch and listen to a loud concert at 3AM in Dolby Pro-Logic surround, and not have to pay disturbing the peace fines like I had to do up to 1994!

Disadvantages: You can't wheel(wheelchair) or walk any further than you can view the TV or HDTV or if using wireless headphones

listening to CD players any further than signal will carry. Ladies freshly done perms will be squashed by normal over the head headband.

I personally have 12 outfits one for each device and backups, all I do is switch the headphone jack(1/8) to hear different devices.

Power consumption: 3 watts for Sennheiser

and 12 watts if you want echo or live concert sound. CD 12 watts, DVD 18 watts, Vcr 12 watts, HDTV 400 watts includes concert or movie.

To use Sennheiser 5 into 2 headphones you must be a human being, device will not work on any other species! :)
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